Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eye Candy

Today I turned out the newer crias on pasture, partly so that they can be free to run fast and stretch their legs and soak up some healthy sunshine, and partly to make room for more expectant moms in the nursery area. I made sure to have my camera ready, as I knew they'd be happy and frisky! Above, Maverick is looking over the fence to see which babes may be coming to see him soon!
Above and below is SSF Eye Candy, Eyecatcher's beautiful new girl. It's always hard to get a still photo of her, as she's so exuberant. Whoever buys Eyecatcher and Eye Candy at the Belleau Wood Auction will be lucky indeed, she is looking awesome!
Below, with the striking grey face, is Fury's little boy, looking quite a bit more pert than when he was first born as seen here.Below is Paris's little girl, also sired by Maverick.

Here's Roana's boy, growing up so fast! He and Shiva's cria at the bottom are both sired by RPeruvian Dakotia Decadence.

We are really pleased with our fall cria crop!

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