Friday, January 23, 2009

Someone new...

It's been an exciting week here as we are "breaking in" our new farm manager, Jenny. We were sad to see Jamie leave after 3 years, but it was an amiable mutual parting and things have fallen in to place for all of us. Jenny's equine background and education as well as enthusiasm and fitness (she's an event rider and marathon runner) will serve her well as she learns about alpacas and the ins and outs of maintaining a busy farm operation.

I'm also enjoying Jenny's sense of humor, especially as we were both sliding around in the mud this morning while catching the weanlings for worming!

Reading Dr. Evan's Field Manual cover-to-cover and asking tons of questions, Jenny is currently a sponge and I appreciate her eagerness to learn. She's already giving shots and meds and we are finishing up herd health. She's worked cheerfully through some of the coldest weather we've seen around here in years with nary a complaint!

Welcome, Jenny!

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