Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring visitors!

I had so much fun yesterday visiting with two knitters, Maude and Elizabeth, who scheduled a tour of the farm. Although I can't always accomodate people who just want to stop in, I nearly always make time for knitters when I can, simply because I enjoy them so much! As it turned out, the weather was spectacular and it was just a great day to be enjoying the beauty of the farm and the alpacas.
These two ladies were just so enthusiastic about everything we do here, which made it fun for me to share. Even the alpacas themselves seemed to sense that these ladies just adored them!

Flashpoint was pretty good about having his incredibly soft fleece touched.
Grato was happy to let the ladies hug him and to see the difference between a llama (which he is) and an alpaca.
Thank you, ladies, for visiting and I truly hope you enjoy your yarn, sweaters, and other goodies! Feel free to come back for our annual Shearing Day on March 30th!

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maude said...

The magic of being a Spring visitor has diminished not a whit - every time I think about our visit - see a picture - or touch some lovely alpaca roving, I'm right back in the moment! And what moments there were - with gracious Lindy as hostess, tour guide and multi-talented instructor - from the first sighting of alpacas... to herding them so we could meet up close and personal... to learning about felting and spinning... to a bit of shopping for the most wonderful fiber on earth...each moment was special and yes, magical. My thanks for the memories!