Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Blog Roll

Although I was looking forward to sleeping in the morning before heading to the Midway Festival, I guess I've been on such a roll that I woke early anyway. I love catching up with my blogs on a Sunday morning, and here are some cool things I found today...

A lovely wedding was held in England yesterday, feast your eyes on wedding festivities and alpacas combined on Rob's Alpaca Blog.

Here's a fun fact I learned regarding whether or not alpacas have more bones in their neck than humans, read about it on Debbie's Alpaca Blog.

This is an awesome photo from the Popham Alpaca Blog. (Beware!)

As always, I enjoy reading AlpacaFarmGirls' blog, and try to participate in each week's Fiber Arts Friday- check it out! The last one included information about raising silkworms to grown your own silk!

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Rob Rawlins said...

Thank you for linking to our blog in England. Glad you enjoyed the wedding and the alpacas.