Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New and Improved!!!

 If you're a regular visitor here, you've probably noticed a few changes... one that I haven't been writing much since the Peru trip and secondly that we have a new look on the site.  (The beautiful side of winter, that is!  Brrr, it's cold out there!)

I've been anxious to share our news... we are going to be emphasizing the LLAMA part of our farm name again (Seldom Scene Farm Alpacas and Llamas).  We are scaling back our alpaca herd somewhat, with a goal of getting back down to fewer than 35 alpacas (including some old girls who will live here through their twilight years).  That is a major change from our high of around 135 alpacas, including visitors for breeding.  Why?  Alpacas have been a great success for us, the "bread and butter" of our farm, but with young teens we know they'll be needing us to stick close in their years left at home.  That means going to fewer alpaca shows, auctions, and meetings.  (By the way, contact me if you're interested in some great alpaca bargains!)  We do plan to get out to lots of our favorite spring shows (check out the show schedule in the calendar overhead, just cutting back a bit overall.  Now, we're not going to all of those shows, just posted them for your convenience).

We don't plan to breed llamas, but hope to keep a nice herd of friendly geldings strictly for trekking.  Llama treks were a lot of fun and a good business when we originally did them (in the early 90's), but it was difficult then to juggle a young family, work off the farm, and nurture our growing alpaca herd.  Now our kids are mature enough to contribute to the endeavor! In addition, we have a beautiful new barn and shop area with a bathroom and much-improved trails and acreage (over 400 scenic acres now, including 3 miles of Kentucky River frontage for hiking).

I look forward to blogging here regularly about our new venture (as well as upcoming alpaca births!), but to learn more now about what in the heck a llama trek IS, or for detailed information on how to schedule a trek, check out our trekking page.

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