Friday, February 12, 2010

Farm Visitor

 Our little house dog, Munchie, has been carrying on a lot today and I looked out to see a new visitor under the bird feeder, chowing down on fallen seed as fast as he could....
I'm one of the rare people that has a soft spot for possums, and he seemed to know that I meant no harm as I moved close to take his picture.... though he kept his eye on me!  This wasn't our usual visitor, Albert, that I wrote about here, but appeared to be a younger possum.
He didn't tell me his name.

There was a recent discussion on Alpacasite about possums, here's an interesting link for the Possum Society of North America (no, I'm not a member!)


Perry Wheeler said...

Very different to our Possums, great to have around until they decide to try to set up home in the roof of the house

Loco Lindy said...

Yes, I understand that the possums in Australia have very nice fiber for spinning! (I've seen it, very nice). Would love to learn more about them. Thanks for commenting!