Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Felted Soaps- What the Heck?

One of the more popular items that I make and sell are "felted soaps". Some people look at me REALLY strangely when I say that, trying to picture a soap made of felt or felt made of soap. Actually, it's more like a combination of the two!I start with hand-dyed alpaca roving or batting(fiber which has been "carded"), wrap it around a soap, then wet it and start rubbing to make it felt permanently around the soap.
The end result is a pretty little soap which is kind of like having a washcloth or loofah AND soap all in one. When you wet it in the shower or tub, soap suds come through the felt and you can scrub with it!
I sell these at Damselfly Gallery in Midway, Truly Bluegrass in Versailles, and here on the farm. They make a great gift, and come wrapped with handspun or fabric scaps tied around them and a tag which explains what it is! I'll have plenty available for our Shearing Day which is this Saturday, April 10th, from 10 to 4.


WonderWhyGal said...

I love felted soap but mine never turn out as pretty as yours. Good thing I have a herd full of fiber to practice on. Even though mine are ugly, I use them and love them. What kind of soap do you use? Just curious.

Allison said...

Your felted soaps are so pretty. I must give this a try!

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous! Thanks for the explanation, too, b/c I have always wondered what felted soap was!