Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Shearing

One of the tasks that I used to dread but now not so much is shearing all of these fleecy critters! Our shearing days have really evolved... from me HAND shearing most of our alpacas and llamas, to using a shearing table with a professional shearer, to having a pro but still having to do a LOT of the physical restraint ourselves, to now.
For the last 4-5 years we have used a team of shearers from Ohio that come in for the day and pretty much do it ALL. My old bones are very appreciative! It's still an exhausting and long day of keeping the animals moved around, giving worming injections, scooping up the fleece and bagging it, and sweeping up the trimmings, but not as bad as before!
We have been inviting our clients with just a few animals to bring them here for shearing (and they all pitch in, too, which is appreciated!) and this year's total for llamas and alpacas (both ours and clients) was 80..... plus two sheep. Much better than the 120 or so we did in a day a few years ago! We're having good luck with getting our herd numbers down a bit, and I can feel the difference on shearing day.
The alpacas are always relieved to have it over with, too, and they are much better prepared for hot weather now!
Stay tuned for new cria photos coming soon!

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Melissa Plank said...

I love the pictures, it gives such a nice peek into your fame and the shearing.