Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Manic felting

I'm not always the most motivated or self-disciplined person in the world (not news to those who know me!), and I've been needing to make some felted soaps for the Truly Bluegrass shop for some time. Dropping off fiber for processing at Flaggy Meadow last week got me excited about working with my fiber again and boy did I get a lot done on Sunday!
I made felted soaps galore. Cat balls with a bell in the middle.
Mirian and I made a prototype for a Cat Mat. Sushi loved it but Munchie felt that it would be great for dogs, too. I was excited about a new, original idea I had... felted coasters using space-dyed rovings. They look nice with a bit of zigzag stitching around the edges. (Those newly-acquired sewing skills are coming in handy).

I also figured out how to make Bird Nesting Balls (to hang in the trees for the birds to take tufts of fiber for their nests!) These and other items will be available soon at Truly Bluegrass,here at the farm, and at my Etsy store. I hope I can keep this groove going for a while!

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Alpaca Farmgirl said...

Amazing! I'm out of breath just reading about your felting frenzy. Wow, they are all so beautiful too. Love the colors and designs.

You are so talented. Thanks for the inspiration!