Sunday, June 28, 2009

New alpaca owners!

I always love delivering a new owner's first alpacas, and try to never forget our own first days of having alpacas. It felt soooo special just seeing our first 3 alpacas out in OUR own fields, and although I now pass our farm's 100+ alpacas several times every day, I still feel very lucky.
The Gillespies had purchased two young maidens last winter, and they (Frazierlene and Black Beauty) were ready and confirmed pregnant. These owners had done a beautiful job of preparing an excellent space for their animals (safe, cool, and lovely with guardian dogs coming soon) and we did our part by providing a little extra training since we knew it was important that they be gentle with the Gillespie's young grandson, Ben.
As always, I showed them how to trim nails, give shots, and check for correct halter fit. I also provided them with a New Owner information packet and made subtle suggestions about the alpaca's stalling area (ie. no shavings, as they get caught in the fleece). I think that these are going to be two lucky and well cared for alpacas, and I hope that Rod and Bette are feeling as lucky as we did on our first foray into alpaca ownership!

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