Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Llama Trek!

Today was the debut of our llama trekking since starting it back up this year (we previously did trekking here in the late 90's)! We were fortunate to have nice weather after tons of rain this past week, and a great family to get us rolling again!Ed from Cincinnati booked the trek as a surprise for his animal-loving wife Andrea's birthday, and they were joined by their 13-year-old daughter, Natalie. The llamas were a bit frisky at first, but they settled in nicely after a while on the trail.
Ed led Leo, who carried the pack with snacks, water, and cold lemonade and he took to it well after only having had the pack on a few times. He did hum his complaints a few times going up hill, but overall was a good sport (Talking about Leo, Ed never did complain)!
Paul and the kids all helped, which made it extra-special! The trails revealed lots of critter tracks, including turkey, deer and raccoon. We also saw a 7 inch-long, colorful skink in the trail.
Hopefully this was an experience that Ed, Natalie and Andrea will always remember!
Next weekend we have another group coming, and we also have a trek booked as part of a photography workshop in July so hopefully it's catching on again! Enjoy the rest of the photos from today's hike, and book yours soon!

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