Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Trekking, Sales!

It's already been a great weekend, with two groups of people coming for llama trekking and the sale of one of our outstanding young alpaca junior herdsires. My friend Kaylen (from Sheffield Alpacas) and her family came out today to check out some young breeding prospects, and selected SSF Peruvian Mystery (Accoyo America Sinbad x AF Maisy). He is displaying fantastic potential with an extremely dense and well-organized fleece, and should contribute great fleece genetics to their herd!
We had two llama treks this weekend, and both went well! Saturday's trek was a birthday surpise, and I think everyone had a nice time.
Mirian's friend was helping, and she spotted a snake on the trail, the first she had ever seen! It was a colorful (and harmless!) milk snake and it allowed us plenty of time for a good look before I used a stick to gently move it out of the way. (I originally identified it as a king snake, but realized my mistake when I looked it up!)
Our group today had two young children amongst the 6 in their group. It was the first time our llamas have been around small kids, and they were somewhat fascinated by the "little two-leggeds" and did great with them!Keeping with the reptile theme, we did encounter a box turtle today, which fascinated the kids!
Enjoy the photos from our hike(s). We feel very blessed to be able to share our farm and special animals with so many awesome people! We're looking forward to a great day of rest and play tomorrow, and hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, too!

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Kaylen said...

We are thrilled to be adding Mystery to our breeding program! Thank you so much for your guidance in making a solid decision for our farm.